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XR-HYBRID. Your Entry into the B2B Sales of the Future.


Manage your product portfolio in the form of digital twins and inspire your customers anytime and anywhere with 3D and AR demos. With XR-HYBRID, you can turn your virtual meetings into a real highlight.


Quickly create custom 3D layouts directly in the 3D customer environment for efficient and effective solution finding. Learn how to accurately communicate your solutions.


Benefit from the automated creation of project-relevant documents, such as cost calculations, ROI calculations with convincing before-and-after 3D scenarios. Experience how you can accelerate your quotation processes.

Use Cases. Take decision-making to a whole new level of productivity with 3D workflows in marketing, sales, and management.


Attract the excitement of visitors at your next trade show appearance and be remembered with interactive augmented reality experiences.

On site visits

The next time you visit a customer, you carry all your references and machines with you as a digital twin and return with the 3D actual situation of your customer.


Present your entire portfolio, as well as before and after concepts in 3D and ensure maximum precision in your customer and team communication.


Train your customers and employees using your digital product twins and record recurring training content in interactive 3D scenes.

Universal. Manage and communicate your projects easily, quickly and transparently thanks to universal 2D and 3D data compatibility.

Strategy Consulting

“Digital Business Roadmap”

Get a customized and practical roadmap for your digital business of the future.

Strategy Consulting

“Hybrid Selling”

Learn how to consistently use advanced technologies, like Extended Reality (XR), in your digital marketing, sales & planning presence to easily, quickly and uncompromisingly intensify their customer relationships and uplift their sales team.

Technology Consulting

“Metaverse Technologies”

Discover the potential of merging your existing sales processes with digital technologies. We will show you how to use XR-HYBRID in your operational processes and leverage unimagined synergies between online and offline channels for maximum customer retention.

XR Services. We support you with professional extended reality services.

Schedule a free appointment now and start your metaverse-journey.

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